Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fake (but one-day-will-be-real) Wedding: centrepiece ideas

So I have been thinking long and hard about variations on the floral centrepiece. Frankly, flowers don't cut it for me. I think you end up spending a fortune on something that will be dead after a guest's four-hour car ride home. Why not mix it up a little?

I've also been thinking about a tea-party-themed wedding, and after an afternoon tea at Mackenzie King Estate in the Gatineau Hills, I thought it would be brilliant to use three-tiered tea trays as centrepieces!
One girl at the table with me said she wanted to use them for the meal, but I couldn't see everyone behind their trays, so I think one in the centre will suffice. I would put cupcakes on the bottom tray (one for each guest at the table, but with reserves somewhere else), homemade cookies and treats on the centre tray, and bite-sized candies and mints on the top tray.

Colourful, casual, cute, UNcommon. It's simple, but sooooooo me! And after realizing a simple (but snazzy) solitaire was the way to go diamond-wise, I think it appropriate to apply that across the board in my life -- or at least to my Fake (but one-day-will-be-real) Wedding.

Ladies, I think this one is a winner ;)

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  1. This my friend, is a brilliant idea! I love tea parties and have thrown a few of my own in the past. I even used my ligitimate, old fashioned tea cups that my grandmother left for me.

    If you find a place that sells the one that you've used in the photo above let me know; I'll likely buy one.