Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bite-sized is better

OK, so when I get interested in something, I throw myself at it. I am jumping head-first into this whole cake world and loving it!

I already have some orders to do cupcakes for special events and might even be doing a wedding cake.

I am so excited! I'll have to start posting pics of my cake creations asap.

I have created a one-woman business called bite-sized (apt for my stature) and orders can be placed through the website.

Whether you're referring to food or my brand, bite-sized is better ;)


... if the main link doesn't work, try http://sites.google.com/site/paigeisbitesized/ instead.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My first fondant cake

Happy Birthday, Meg!

I am so happy to have made my first fondant cake for one of my best friends.

Here it is!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Founders Day!

Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority turns 93 today. I have been in her history only nine years, but feel like I have known her forever.

The thing about a family of sisters is that there is often laughter, sometimes tears, and there are always ups and downs.

DPhiE gave me a home away from home and a second family. There are women I will call sisters for life and I have a sorority to thank for that.

I didn't pledge sisterhood for university -- I pledged a lifelong commitment. I am proud to wear my letter nearly a decade after first being pinned.

Esse Quam Videri, ladies. Be rather than to seem to be. Be D Phi E. Be you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Office in the alcove

We live in a townhouse, and though every house is similar, the builder changed something so that each was unique in some way. One thing about our home is that instead of having the stairs to the basement under the stairs to the second level, they were put at the back of house cutting off about 30 sq.ft. of the dining room but giving us a huge 2-level window that lights the basement. Strangely, the builder left the alcove where the door to the basement stairs should be.

I put those squiggly IKEA mirrors in there with an extra dining chair, but felt there was better use for such a cool, central space. Cucumbersome's blog (which I love!) planted the idea in my brain of an office in that space. I imagine the alcove with floating glass shelves and a glass desk -- all about two inches from the back wall for cords to be run back there. The extra dining chair would sit in the curve of the stairs to the second level, just next to the desk, and the desk would be hidden behind a curtain when not in use. Chris was skeptical at first, I think, but has since warmed to the idea.

This is what the desk will look like and how I'll mount the shelves:

I will post before and after shots, but for now here are some examples of cool closet offices:

New Peugeot lithograph

We've been in the house since October, and we're finally adding big items. My mom graciously helped out with our new couch and convertible seat in December, but they are the only items in the living room!

Then I found it: a reproduction lithograph already mounted and ready to hang.

We needed something that was:
  • Bright -- check!
  • Colourful -- check!
  • Big enough to stand alone till we get more in the living room -- check!
  • Representative of both Paige (vintage) and Chris (funky) -- check and check!
Here is an image I found of the lithograph:

And here is a pic of the living room with our print: