Saturday, January 30, 2010

Floral details you won't sneeze over: shoes

I got to thinking about fabric flowers and realized I love them anywhere I can get them. They're on my cute purple shirt and my favourite headband. But, Lord, I wish they were on my shoes! So I went looking for the best flower-accented shoes for your big day. At only 89 USD, these satin shoes are a great bargain. Available in white, as shown, and in champagne, purple, black, blue.

A similar peeptoe version is only 78 USD and is available in ivory, as shown, and white.

Sure, these are a little more expensive. But if the dress is budget then the shoes don't need to be!

Kate Spade is a brand I can count on for understated fashion.

Why not go for flats? Stay comfortable, and if anyone catches a glimpse, a shot of colour will give them a smile.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amsale dresses that make my heart flutter

I love Amsale dresses. She makes the best little white dresses that make me swoon.
Here is my favourite this season.

But it's this drop-waist, floor-length A-line that had me at hello.

Friday, January 15, 2010

More non-floral bouquets

I think it ironic that a button-down bride would carry a flower bouquet but a trendy bride would carry a button bouquet. Yes! I said BUTTON! While browsing etsy (a daily occurrence, truth be told) I found a stunning fabric bouquet and then found a button one!

Gorgeous fabric bouquet found at the Milkpod Studio

Matching boutonnière from Milkpod Studios

Does it get any more gorgeous than that? Plus, this crafty seller will work with your colour scheme and make something truly one-of-a-kind for your Big Day.

Found these tulle flowers next, checked the seller's other items and found the button bouquet!

Tulle bouquet from Jillian's

Button bouquet from Jillian's

Don't you just love the look? What do you think -- would you carry a fabric or button bouquet?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby booties

As promised, my baby craft/shopping blogging begins. It's hard to beat the look of a pair of Robeez nowadays, but I think I can trump them by making my own.

Thanks to my crafting goddess, Martha, I have a free pattern to make wool felt baby slippers with an ankle strap. And they are sweet as can be!

Can't you just see these made with embroidered letters, oversized ribbon, or holiday punch-outs?

You can get a variety of different baby/child shoe patterns on etsy for $3-5 dollars apiece. From fur-lined boots to matching mommy/daughter slippers, etsy's got it all. Click here for patterns. I'm loving ManiMina Studio, Precious Patterns, and Wee Pereas.

The baby bump begins

Nancy was my roommate for a single semester back in first-year university. In fact, she was an exchange student and was only in Canada for four months.

She showed up with her snoopy blanket, a couple suitcases, great shoes (but, sigh, a size bigger than my feet could fill), and fashion sense that rivaled my own. She was from Los Angeles. I loved her immediately.

Eight years later, I am proud to be able to say that a four-month living arrangement has turned into one of the greatest long-distance relationships of my life.

But now I get to build a new relationship: one with her growing family. Nancy is pregnant! True to form, I have already demanded the due date (July 12), asked for approximate date of baby shower (May), and inquired as to how soon I can learn the sex of the baby so that I can start crafting by pink or blue (instead of yellow, white, and green).

I am already gathering ideas on things to make, so expect baby blogs fairly regularly.