Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby products: Boon Inc.

When I was at Babies R Us with Katie looking for baby goods, we spotted the cutest drying rack: it was made to look like grass!

Grass countertop drying rack, $18

It's made by a company called Boon Inc.

Flair pneumatic high chair, $280
They cover items for bath, food, accessories and more.
Odd Ducks, price TBD Spring 2011
Boon Inc. makes everything look good!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Team pink!

Just found out my close friend is expecting a baby girl. So exciting! Apparently, she's breaking the all-male lineage after four generations...and she is very pleased!

I've been helping her plan the nursery and am loving the blog Lay Baby Lay. Just look at this design! I love everything about it. I was thinking about an all-navy wall or a navy-striped wall.

I also love the nurseries Sarah Richardson has designed. 

I think it's clear I like rooms that don't scream boy or girl off the bat. I like rooms that can be converted easily. What if you are told you are having a girl and then, SURPRISE, it's a boy?! You would want a room that didn't need to be completely replaced!