Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby products: Boon Inc.

When I was at Babies R Us with Katie looking for baby goods, we spotted the cutest drying rack: it was made to look like grass!

Grass countertop drying rack, $18

It's made by a company called Boon Inc.

Flair pneumatic high chair, $280
They cover items for bath, food, accessories and more.
Odd Ducks, price TBD Spring 2011
Boon Inc. makes everything look good!


  1. Love that high chair. Although I would be happy with anything pneumatic really. Speaking of things that start with a silent "p" the other thing I love about Boon products is they are BPA/PVC and (here's the silent "p" one) phthalate free. Which, from what I've read, is a potentially very good thing. Lovely news for your friend.

  2. LOVE the 'Odd Ducks'! I think they might just be the baby shower gift I was looking for :) It seems like such a classic gift to give