Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quemeez baby shoes: cuter than Robeez!

Watching Dragon's Den and they just showed an update on a company they put money into: Quemeez. These are handmade, leather-and-beaded baby shoes that are simply gorgeous! But furthermore, they support a native community just outside Ottawa.

a selection of Quemeez, $40
Visit Quemeez online. Way cuter than Robeez, made in Canada, made by young women on reserve, and they don't fall off. Loooooove them! They retail for $40 plus $10 shipping if you don't live close enough to a retail location.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The striped skirt

A simple A-line skirt doesn't work on a curvy, petite girl like me. But these striped skirts by Anne M. Cramer would work on almost anyone! They come in five colours and are now available!
Nautical, $160
Moss, $160

Sunshine, $160

Skirts also come in ink (black) and cherry (red). Found via MSW.

Fabric and Handle

My blog reader has over 130 blogs right now, which makes for a lot of reading, but also a lot of great finds! I think I'll start posting the best of what I'm seeing. You're welcome, Lorraine!

Loving right now, and purchasing tonight, is this fab tote from Fabric and Handle. The straps are adjustable AND removable! The bags are machine-washable! The straps come in different colours and widths! Le sigh.

Delmare Tote Shopping Bag, $29

Claire Tote Shopping Bag, $29

Margo Tote Shopping Bag, $29
Found thanks to Simple Song