Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paper flowers

I fell in love with fabric flowers and thought they were the best. I haven't changed my mind, but I love the look of these paper flowers. I'm tempted to purchase a kit or two and see if I could use the templates for fabric versions ;) The kits provide paper, wire, and flower tape for 12-14 flowers.

I think these would be amazing as centrepieces at a wedding -- or even at your dinner table. They are stunning, easy to make, and can be changed out and saved in a box until needed again.

Thanks to Paper Source for always having the most incredible finds. Kits can be purchased online.

Monday, November 23, 2009

RUST-OLEUM: a new fave brand

Wish you could magnetize a wall? You can. Want to make your kitchen table a chalk board? You can do that too. I found a company called RUST-OLEUM that makes the coolest paint products that cover any surface. You can now make any wall or item: reflective, chalkboard, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, or dry erase. 

I love it! I want to paint a section of my living room wall with magnetic paint and put an empty frame over it. Then I can use magnets to post cards I receive on my wall for all to see!

Baking and crafting together for the holidays...

My friend Heather likes to bake -- and I like to craft. What better way to pair up than for her to teach me to bake, and I teach her to make gift boxes for her yummy delights? This is to make a decorative "slip" to fit over box.

Taken from the Martha Stewart website (the altar at which I pray)

Cookie Box How-To
1. Print templates at 105 percent onto heavyweight paper. On the mat, use craft knife to cut out templates, including areas around score marks.
2. On side template, crease along marks, and with the bone folder, score folds. Trim excess.
3. Crease and score front and back of house as above. Trim excess.
4. Cut slit at center of roof where marked. Knot ribbon into a loop, and pass through slit in roof, from underside.
5. Glue templates together. Adjust shape to form a cube. Let dry 30 minutes.
6. Snip two 13-by-3-inch pieces of parchment, using scallop scissors on short ends. Place strips of parchment inside box crosswise to each other to form liner. Fill with cookies, and close lid. Slip house over box. If you plan to carry or hang box, attach sleeve to box with tape.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The cutest envelopes ever!

So I found the cutest envelopes and they're DIY (or buy for $$$ on etsy). All it takes is this pdf which you should print out on cardtock and a picture you love, like an 8x10 image, a page from your favourite book, etc. This template will make 5.5" x 4" envelopes.

Trace the cardstock template on the picture/page you chose and cut it out. Glue the edges and fold in place. For easy step-by-step instructions, visit DIY Weddings

Flower Power = Fabric Petals!

I like to plan ahead. In fact, ahead is an understatement. I like to plan WAY in advance. But how do you plan ahead for flowers beyond picking them out and hoping they're in season? You make them!

I have found lots of sites and videos with how-to tutorials on making boutonnieres, centrepieces and bouquets. So why not go cotton or silk or tulle or feather or...?

  • you can make them months (or years) before you need them
  • they don't need to be refrigerated
  • they don't make your eyes water or your nose run
  • they're always in season
  • they don't wilt or die
  • they are easier to arrange than the real thing (no breaking stems)
  • they're not traditional
  • and the list goes on...

  • they're still not common in North America (this is a pro to everyone but my mother)
  • they are 100% a do-it-yourself (or a have-your-friends-help-you) kind of thing

Oh, I simply love them! Plus, one of my closest -- and most crafty -- friends, couturehousewife, has offered to help out as she thinks it's a fab idea too.

More cute favours

OK, so I've been looking for more funky, off-the-beaten-path favour ideas. Once Wed is such a great site (link available on the right) and I found this sewing kit. Look closely, there are hands "tying the knot" -- get it?

Photography by Ashley Garmon
Design and Paper Goods by Alyson Fox
Posted on Once Wed