Monday, November 23, 2009

Baking and crafting together for the holidays...

My friend Heather likes to bake -- and I like to craft. What better way to pair up than for her to teach me to bake, and I teach her to make gift boxes for her yummy delights? This is to make a decorative "slip" to fit over box.

Taken from the Martha Stewart website (the altar at which I pray)

Cookie Box How-To
1. Print templates at 105 percent onto heavyweight paper. On the mat, use craft knife to cut out templates, including areas around score marks.
2. On side template, crease along marks, and with the bone folder, score folds. Trim excess.
3. Crease and score front and back of house as above. Trim excess.
4. Cut slit at center of roof where marked. Knot ribbon into a loop, and pass through slit in roof, from underside.
5. Glue templates together. Adjust shape to form a cube. Let dry 30 minutes.
6. Snip two 13-by-3-inch pieces of parchment, using scallop scissors on short ends. Place strips of parchment inside box crosswise to each other to form liner. Fill with cookies, and close lid. Slip house over box. If you plan to carry or hang box, attach sleeve to box with tape.

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