Monday, January 4, 2010

The baby bump begins

Nancy was my roommate for a single semester back in first-year university. In fact, she was an exchange student and was only in Canada for four months.

She showed up with her snoopy blanket, a couple suitcases, great shoes (but, sigh, a size bigger than my feet could fill), and fashion sense that rivaled my own. She was from Los Angeles. I loved her immediately.

Eight years later, I am proud to be able to say that a four-month living arrangement has turned into one of the greatest long-distance relationships of my life.

But now I get to build a new relationship: one with her growing family. Nancy is pregnant! True to form, I have already demanded the due date (July 12), asked for approximate date of baby shower (May), and inquired as to how soon I can learn the sex of the baby so that I can start crafting by pink or blue (instead of yellow, white, and green).

I am already gathering ideas on things to make, so expect baby blogs fairly regularly.

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  1. Yeah! I've already knit something neutral! Congrats Nancy!