Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby booties

As promised, my baby craft/shopping blogging begins. It's hard to beat the look of a pair of Robeez nowadays, but I think I can trump them by making my own.

Thanks to my crafting goddess, Martha, I have a free pattern to make wool felt baby slippers with an ankle strap. And they are sweet as can be!

Can't you just see these made with embroidered letters, oversized ribbon, or holiday punch-outs?

You can get a variety of different baby/child shoe patterns on etsy for $3-5 dollars apiece. From fur-lined boots to matching mommy/daughter slippers, etsy's got it all. Click here for patterns. I'm loving ManiMina Studio, Precious Patterns, and Wee Pereas.


  1. Having used Robeez for my kids, I can vouch for how great they are in that the elastic band prevents them from getting kicked off. Another thing I loved about these slippers was that they're made out of leather and can be thrown into the washing machine or cleaned with a damp cloth. This is esp. important for those parents who have crawling or walking wee ones.

    Would the ankle strap work the same way for the felt slippers?

  2. Wee Pereas has Robeez look-a-likes with elastic backings. And I do think the ankle strap would work the same as an elastic. I love the Wee Pereas ones because they're reversible, too. You could use leather, suede, waterproofed cotton, etc.