Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fake (but one-day-will-be-real) Wedding: rings

I think I am the type of girl every guy prays he falls in love with. I want a little diamond.

Catch your breath! Simmer down! I'm not opting for NO diamond, just a smaller than usual diamond.

I like classic. There are things in my wardrobe that I still wear that keep getting mentioned in those big name fashion mags as go-to items every woman should have -- and I picked them out at 17. So it seems only natural that I go with a simple, classic solitaire that is detailed, but not ornate.


A Birks ring in the Amorique Collection. A solitaire E colour, VVS2 clarity, cushion-shape, fancy-cut diamond with a plain band in platinum. The Store Manager had never seen a diamond so small in the Amorique setting. Ha! Until you're under a .25-carat, a diamond isn't small, and this one was .33 carats. But I thought it was perfect. I have little fingers, and big diamonds make me look like I have child-sized hands. This made me feel like a woman.

The ring I tried on was also less expensive than what Birks says the Amorique starts at. I remember when the ring was first released (I was drooling in the window at Rideau Centre the day they put it on display in January 2005) the sales associate said they weren't releasing the ring in anything but platinum and that the diamonds would be a minimum half-carat. I balked. One, I didn't want a half-carat; two, I didn't want to pay more for platinum than for white gold. But I was convinced platinum was the way to go since finding out it never tarnishes or changes colour like white gold.

Sold, I cry! Or at least, Please?!, I beg to Chris...

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