Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To do by my 30th birthday

OK, I think this post in and of itself is indication at my Type A behaviour: a to-do list with a two-year deadline. Who plans that far in advance anyways? Oh, right. Me.

I'm almost 28 and I'm starting to feel old. Not really old, just old. Like, I feel like I should have accomplished more somehow. So I started to randomly write down things I wanted to get done in the near future. OK, I started to make a list.I can't help it: I love lists!

This is in no particular order. I'll cross them off and link them as each task is completed and I'll add more as I think of them. I'm glad to have them online; it'll help get me going on completing the list!

  1. Learn to felt wool
  2. Visit the Mall of America
  3. Take a far-away trip with Jones (one of my oldest and dearest friends)
  4. Go to Europe with my main man
  5. Have a girls' weekend with at least five of us (there are seven in our close-knit group)
  6. Sew my own dress, preferably with one of my 1950s McCall patterns
  7. Visit all the national museums in town
  8. Redo all three bathrooms OR the kitchen
  9. Learn to code CSS and redesign my blog myself
  10. See my college roommate at least twice a year
  11. Get promoted to the next pay scale (I got an acting assignment, but there's an option to keep me permanently at the higher level. New department Nov. 1/10)
  12. Clean out the basement storage (completed the first weekend in Jan/11)
  13. Make a clean, designated laundry area
  14. Learn to do my own make-up for daytime (My sister taught me how to do black liner with shadow. Then she told me to use a little tinted moisturizer, topped with a little bronzer on the cheeks and sweep on some near-sheer lip gloss, and voila! A daytime look in 3 minutes flat. Jan/11) 
  15. Pick any month and do yoga once a week
  16. Get back to 130 lbs or less (Goodlife membership kicked in mid-Dec/10. It's a start!)
  17. Redo the gardens in the front and back yards
  18. Make my own history album from my grandmother's copy
  19. Reset my clock to get up at 7am every day
  20. Learn origami
  21. Cook dinner four times per week for one month
  22. Host a thanksgiving dinner
  23. Make a pie from scratch
  24. Start my online shop, Sawyer & Sprout. I've been procrastinating out of fear of failure :( (Launched!)

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