Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Snapple

First, a totally random blip: Doesn't Apple Snapple sound like "Go faster!"? I think so. "Get this done! Apple Snapple!" or "It was over Apple Snapple!" Well, I think so, anyways.

On to the point of this entry: Oh, Snapple Iced Tea, how I love thee! I have one every day with breakfast and the bottles add up. I keep looking at them wondering how I can reuse them somehow. And it hit me, just reuse them as bottles! The embossed S is perfect for my one-day-would-be last name. I could print off my own labels for a special occassion. And I could pair it with a sweet paper straw. Maybe use as escort cards? Maybe just serve as is? Here is the before. I'll post an after once I make it happen!

The lot date scratches off with a little elbow grease, and the label just peels off.

Paper straws, via

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