Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Honourary bridesmaids?

Here's a toughie. My man and I always thought we'd just have a maid of honour and a best man up there with us. For one, you really only need two witnesses to sign the registry, so why have a bunch more people standing up there? But then there was the guilt that hit. How can we choose among friends?

Chris is adament that the numbers match. If he has his high school friends, he needs them all. But how to not include his closest friends now? For me, it's university friends out of town versus current friends in town. Your oldest friends are the easiest to choose, but are they as close as some of your current friends? Ugh.

We're getting married under this tiny tent that will barely seat all the guests, and there is not enough for more than a few people to stand. It only seats 8 across! I mean, we were going to ask the MoH and BestM to sit once I got to the end of the aisle! There would be a total of 6 maids and 6 men (plus the maid of honour and the best man and the bride and the groom) -- that's 16 people. We'd have to double-up. Tacky.

So we're wondering: can we have honourary maids and men for the pics, but give them no responsibilities, not force them to buy matching outfits, not ask them to do anything beyond be there to get ready with us and get group shots?

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