Thursday, May 13, 2010

A rose may smell sweet, but how does it taste?

Now that I'm baking cakes, I'm curious as to what can go on them. Brides like to have flowers on the cake, but are all flowers edible? Not a chance!

There are more options if you include "petals only" compared to just "whole flowers" but there are still a good number of flowers you can stick on a cake without fear of killing your wedding guests :)

Whole flowers:

  • fruit blossoms
  • carnations
  • gardenias
  • violets
  • lavender
  • lilacs
  • roses
  • snapdragons
  • peonies
  • phlox
  • pansies "Johnny Jump Up"
  • and more!
I am very excited about this. I'm pretty good at fondant/gum paste/royal icing roses, but nothing compares to the real thing!

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