Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want to go to Chinatown

Not Somerset Street, Mikasa! Or some other equally China plate-filled store in which I can roam free.

I'm a little Miss Type A; but I'm a lot of a nester. I dream of finding Prince Charming (check!), owning my own home (check!), settling down, and raising a family. I feel like I'm going to be complete once I have checkmarks at the end of each of those listed desires.

Maybe it's because I have divorced parents: I need to have in my own adult life what I couldn't have in my childhood -- a home psychologists and journalists don't label as "Broken".

Now that we own, I admit to feeling more settled. Not settled down, just calmer. Like things are finally happening for me.

And now that I have a house, I admit to wanting to fill it. Not all the way up, just enough. Like with things my friends will want for themselves.

With things like China. Why wait for a wedding? I don't want to hold off for two years waiting to create my gift registry; I want to start getting the things people expect to be on my registry!

A girl has got to eat, so why not eat off pretty plates? My favourite right now is the Mikasa Cheers collection with four patterns: polka dot, striped, swirl, and diamond. Each service includes an 11-inch dinner plate, an 8¼-inch salad plate, a 9-inch soup bowl, and a 12-ounce mug (which is great, because I'm not a fan of tea cups in matching sets with plates). But I wouldn't do one version of the Cheers, like just the polka dots, I'd mix the four versions! I'd get four of each set for 16 total and mix and match at my dinner parties -- or try a different style every night at dinner... Plus, I just found out these are all microwave-safe... a plus for a leftovers queen like me!

Here are the sets mixed up:

And here are the sets individually:

Striped (really it should be called "ringed")

Diamond -- similar to the polka dots, but little squares

Swirls -- so modern!

and Polka dots, my all-time favourite.

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