Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fake (but one-day-will-be-real) Wedding: time of day

I dreamed of a daytime wedding. Getting up early to have make-up and hair done, getting dressed, and starting my wedding day! Church wedding at 10:30 a.m. and reception to follow at noon. Pictures from 3:00 until we felt we were finished. Dinner with the parental units and an early night. Wink. Wink.

Oh, Hell, throw another one in there. WINK!

Then I got a wake-up call from my mother. My entire family will be travelling to my hometown for this event, and if I have an afternoon wedding, my parents will have to host a party for my family that night anyways. You can't leave family alone in a hotel -- you have to entertain! This is the I-talian in us. They started talking about having it catered, renting a tent for the backyard, hiring a bartender, etc.

That's a lot for my parents to take on! So my mother asked that I reconsider the luncheon and she'd help with the added costs of a regular plated dinner at night. I'm sad to see my afternoon tea party slash Barbeque fade away, but truth be told, if my parents host a big party for my family, I want to be there to enjoy it!

This means a mid-afternoon wedding, a more-formal dinner, and dancing into the night. I'll have more time to prepare which should quash the likelihood of my missing my own wedding thanks to a broken sense of time. And Chris gets to golf in the morning (the only thing he is really looking forward to).

I don't know that I want to do an outdoor reception at night -- so we're switching from outdoor Billings Estate to indoor Ottawa Rowing Club or the Aviation Museum to save my guests from having to sport bug repellent.

I feel like I'm starting from scratch now. I had all these little details sorted out and now... I just don't know. Expect more posts on new decor ideas, dress ideas (maybe two dresses?!?!?) and definitely a new menu.